Rapid Recovery

I was referred to a Pilates studio for an unrelated injury. My recovery was rapid and I continued my study of Pilates, learning how important balance, strength and flexibility were to my overall health. I was able to undo a great deal of the harm performing salon services had done to my body. Doing hair produces a lot of things but a balanced body wasn’t one of them.

A Stylist Finds A New Passion

As my expertise in Pilates was growing, my passion for work in chain salons was declining. I took a hiatus from the hair biz and became a Certified Pilates Teacher. As my skill improved, I was able to work on the musculoskeletal deviations that resulted from the many years behind the chair.

Did you know that the “manual tasks” that are part of the stylist job are hazardous to our health? Florida’s continuing education does a good job of pointing out the risk factors that contribute to injury and disability but addressing these factors is insufficient. I find that many of the suggestions are not entirely in the stylists’ control, such as the design of the work area or when and how breaks are taken during the day. And frankly, good lighting isn’t going to balance the left side with the right when a stylists often side bends dominantly to one side while doing a haircut through the day!

Inspired to Create

I was inspired to develop Pilates For Stylists™…who would you rather teach you; an occupation health and safety administrator or a former stylist? I know from owning my own salons how prevalent injury and disability is in the salon industry. The Florida board recognizes this as well, giving physical do’s and don’ts for the salon worker as continuing education. I realized that Pilates offers the same benefits to my stylist community as it had provided me. I believe Pilates could be an integral part in stylists achieving career longevity with good health.

I now conduct Florida continuing education courses on stylist body mechanics. My dream is to have stylists everywhere able to access Pilates for Stylists™ education, whether they are in Florida, the US or abroad using the technology available to us today.

Pilates For Stylists™ uniquely speaks to the effects hairstyling has on the body while utilizing the work and philosophy of Joseph Pilates to combat those effects. We help the stylist to build strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance, restoring balance of the body for health and vitality  in and out of the salon.