Pilates For Stylists™ is available for special events, workshops, retreats, conferences and conventions.

Carolyn Bell is uniquely qualified to speak to the salon industry about cumulative, repetitive and musculoskeletal disorders related to the occupation. In addition to being a Certified Pilates Teacher, she is also a stylist , industry educator and former salon owner.

“An occupational health and safety administrator is going to talk about risk factors, contribution to injury, control measures and hazards.  I talk about proper arm design while holding their shears, why the weigh of their blow dryers matters and how to relieve tension in their shoulders. My experience in the salon enables me to communicate dull facts of workplace health and safety in a way that engenders stylist responsiveness. ” - Carolyn Bell

The Pilates method is ideal for restoring, rejuvenating and balancing the bodies of such artistic and energetic workers.